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NO. You are permitted to take your car to any garage or car service centre to have it repaired and serviced. 

You can have your Mercedes serviced at the main dealer or an independent garage.

Many owners of new Mercedes-Benz cars use independent garages for several reasons. The main reason is cost. Independent Mercedes garages charge considerably less than the main dealer.  

Ones that specialise in this particular marque will also carry out their work to the highest standards, often exceeding those of main dealership repair centres.

Most independent garages like Godstone Mercedes Ltd invest heavily in the specialised equipment it takes to diagnose and repair German vehicles, including Mercedes correctly. 

Independent Mercedes garages like Godstone Mercedes Ltd have expert, highly trained mechanics that are, in many cases, have far more experience dealing with Mercedes cars than main dealers.

If required, Godstone Mercedes Ltd will only use original genuine parts to maintain both the vehicle's integrity and your vehicle warranty. This also ensures compatibility and eliminates any risks of any further faults caused by incompatible parts. 

Wherever possible, Godstone Mercedes Ltd, we will also offer you the option of quality, refurbished parts as a cost-effective alternative to new parts. 

Whichever option you choose, you will receive an expert installation, as well as a labour and parts warranty for maximum peace of mind.

At Godstone Mercedes Ltd, during the service of your Mercedes, we will carefully inspect the technical and mechanical parts of the vehicle, including:

Brakes and clutches
Engine and gearbox

If you want to get the most out of your Mercedes, it is always best practice to get it serviced regularly. 

Keeping to your Mercedes Benz service schedule will ensure your car is working correctly and safely. 

A regular service will also reduce the risk of ant unexpected costly repairs. A regular service will also help keep the value of your Mercedes. 

If you use genuine Mercedes parts, they will guarantee a better resale value for newer vehicles. 

They also help provide consistent performance and will maintain the high standards that your Mercedes was built with. Godstone Mercedes Ltd will always use original parts where applicable. 

Contrary to popular belief, no. Godstone Mercedes Ltd will always use original parts where applicable. 

All work is completed to manufacturer standards; this means that you can have your car serviced by us, and it will not void your vehicle's manufacturer warranty. 

For additional peace of mind, all repairs carried out by Godstone Mercedes Ltd are supplied with a 12-month labour and parts warranty.

The owner's manual that comes with every Mercedes-Benz car will tell you exactly how many miles to drive before you need to change the oil. 

The owners manual will also tell you what type and how much oil to use. If you require any advice or information, our team at Godstone Mercedes Ltd will be happy to help you.

When looked after and serviced regularly, Mercedes Benz cars are highly reliable vehicles. Godstone Mercedes Ltd have been dealing with all models of Mercedes Benz cars for over 30 years and have built up a solid reputation.  

We offer independent Mercedes servicing and repairs for Godstone and Surrey. Follow the links blow to read more about our services.