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Is A Mercedes-Benz Expensive To Maintain

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  • 19-08-2022
Is A Mercedes-Benz Expensive To Maintain

Have you been asking: is a Mercedes expensive to maintain? We look at Mercedes service costs and the cost to replace Mercedes parts.

Are Mercedes expensive to maintain?

Simple answer, yes.

Mercedes-Benz is notorious for expensive maintenance and repair bills. Annual service costs for a Mercedes passenger car can range from £500 to £1000, costs vary depending on the model and year. Compared to a regular medium-sized car which costs around £200 for a regular service annually, Mercedes-Benz maintenance costs are considerably high.

What's more, Mercedes spare parts are not cheap. Most Mercedes parts are manufactured in Germany, meaning that shipping costs and additional taxes for markets like America or India can almost double, increasing the base price of spare parts significantly. Warranty providers can offer insurance on car repair bills, and an extended warranty for peace of mind.

After your Mercedes warranty has run out, a vehicle service contract can be taken out, this is a pre-paid plan covering the car repair costs. Newer Mercedes-Benz models are fitted with modern driver assistance systems and complex elements, meaning specialist technicians are required for system repairs. This condition makes Mercedes-Benz maintenance costs dramatically rise, with labour costs ranging between £150 and £250 for the average Mercedes owner, depending on your local garage or dealership.

As more complex vehicles, Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedules can stretch over longer periods, with turnaround time extended compared to the more basic vehicles on the market.

Mercedes engines have the drivetrain elements closely packed together, this means when fixing oil or coolant leaks, the entire engine may require assembly to remove it from the vehicle. The drivetrain components are closely packed together hence in some cases complete engine assembly may be required to remove from the vehicle to rectify any oil or coolant leaks.

Over 3 years, the average cost of maintenance can be from 3000 $ to 5000 $. If the vehicle is not maintained properly, unexpected electrical faults can occur. Diagnosis of such faults is expensive, and if the vehicle is no longer under warranty, it can easily get out of budget depending on the nature of the fault. 

Mercedes service costs

There are two key types of Mercedes maintenance services, one being regular maintenance and the other a comprehensive service of the vehicle. Below we describe the two services for Mercedes owners, and future buyers. 

An 'A Service' includes the first regular service required by your Mercedes model. An 'A service' should be booked just before your Mercedes's first birthday or after it's got 10,000 miles on the clock. Mercedes owners luckily have the smart Mercedes Flexible Service System that informs them when exactly to complete an 'A service'.

Similarly to an Interim service, the Mercedes 'A service' is a relatively smaller and shorter service to complete. Take your Mercedes into a speciality shop, local garage or other providers of A services, to ensure the service is thoroughly completed as it's not a DIY task. 

Differing Mercedes models have different fees for an A Service, with prices for a Mercedes A-Class starting just under £200. Five key checks are completed after visual inspection, below, we break down the steps involved in a regular service.

Replace Synthetic Motor Oil

Replace Oil Filter

Check & Correct Tyre Inflation

Inspect Braking Elements

The maintenance counter will be RESET.

For Mercedes-Benz models that are driven over longer distances, the more comprehensive 'B Service' is recommended. The 'B service' should be completed if your Mercedes is doing between 20,000 to 30,000 miles per year, or more. 

Its recommended by professionals that a 'B service' is arranged after the Mercedes-Benz is two years old, or one year after the 'A service' is completed.

After the first B service, it should be re-completed every two years after that. All tasks from the 'A service' are included in the more comprehensive 'B service' along with several other car checks. Expectantly, the Mercedes 'B service' is more expensive than the 'A service' as it comprises more checks and tasks, meaning it also takes a longer time to complete.

Exact costs will vary depending on the Mercedes models brought in, as well as the model year and other factors like how the car is used. Prices for the 'B service' start at around £270.

How Much Does A Mercedes Cost To Maintain Long Term?

Premium cars like Mercedes generally have high annual repair costs, especially if the model is owned for the long run (more than ten years). Repair costs can quickly rise if maintenance schedules aren't kept to, and car repairs are left for extended periods.

Mercedes owners planning to run their car for a long amount of time (eight years or more) are in luck, as running a Mercedes costs much less than premium models by other brands like Audi or BMW.

Keeping up with your Mercedes-Benz maintenance reassured drivers that it will provide top performance for the years to come, and car repairs are required less often.

Different Mercedes-Benz models offer varying levels of reliability, details can be found online highlighting the industry average replacement times and which car components need repairs most often.

How Much Does A Mercedes Cost To Maintain Long Term?

Mercedes service plan price examples

Example 1

Age: Less than 12 months

Model: A-Class

Mileage: 0 – 15,500 miles per year

Cost for 2 annual services: £720

Cost spread over 12 months: £60 per month

Example 2

Age: More than 12 months

Model: A-Class

Mileage: 15,500 – 31,000 miles per year

 Cost for 2 annual services: £792

Cost spread over 12 months: £66 per month

Example 3

Age: Less than 12 months

Model: S-Class

Mileage: 0 – 15,500 miles per year

Cost for 2 annual services: £936

Cost spread over 12 months: £78 per month

Example 4

Age: More than 12 months

Model: S-Class

Mileage: 15,500 – 31,000 miles per year

Cost for 2 annual services: £1,080

Cost spread over 12 months: £90 per month

Why Mercedes Maintenance Is Expensive?

Mercedes-Benz produces high-quality premium models, using pioneering technologies and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. What's more brand new cars produced by Mercedes are from abroad so shipping costs and import costs add a lot to the price for markets further away. 

Many world-recognised luxury brands position replacement parts at premium prices, as many of their customers have more disposable income than other brands' markets.

Furthermore, services and maintenance costs are considerably higher with luxury brands like Mercedes compared to other brands producing standard vehicles.

Mercedes have used smart marketing techniques over the years that have allowed them to be distinguished as a luxury brand that can use premium prices without disdain from the market.

Whether you're a pre-owned Mercedes owner or a brand new Mercedes model owner, expect high maintenance costs, repair costs, replacement part costs and annual service costs.

The best way to reduce costs over the years is to take out the manufacturer's pre-paid plan, or a vehicle limited warranty, after the factory warranty has ended.

Why Mercedes Maintenance Is Expensive?

How much do Mercedes parts cost to replace?

Replacing parts on premium models will cost premium prices. However, Mercedes owners can take advantage of websites that offer price information, allowing you to compare costs and plan budgets. Mercedes parts cost differing amounts depending on the car model and model year. 

Below we offer the average costs for Mercedes parts, from brake discs to parking sensors, so that you can manage a budget and know roughly what to expect from repair costs. Factors like model and model year affect maintenance costs, along with your location. Many local garages or repair shops will offer deals if multiple repairs are required.

Use the examples below as a rough estimate of repair bills for your Mercedes-Benz. 

New Clutch = £454

 Brake pads & Brake discs = £306

 Brake repairs = £400

 New Diesel particulate filter = £268

 Alternator repairs = £350

Parking sensors = £168

Starter motor = £283

Cambelt change = £327

Timing chain = £700

Fan belt = £92

The premium models that offer higher power, expectantly have higher maintenance costs and annual repair costs. Compared to other brands offering similar premium models, Mercedes-Benz maintenance costs are considerably high. In a study compiled by the website, they found Mercedes came second place after BMW for industry average maintenance costs.

On average, Mercedes, owners pay around $908 annually for maintenance costs, repair costs and scheduled services. Again, costs will vary depending on the model, model year, how the car is used and your location. 

Are you looking for Mercedes specialists in Surrey? If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner you will want to ensure your car is in the right hands. 

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