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The Average Life Of A Mercedes-Benz

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  • 06-09-2021
The Average Life Of A Mercedes-Benz

What is the average life of a Mercedes-Benz? We look at how many miles a Mercedes-Benz is good for and the life expectancy of a Mercedes-Benz.

What is the average life of a Mercedes-Benz?

When it comes to discussing the lifespan of a Mercedes, there are many factors to consider. What is gospel for one driver will not be the same for another, and the car must be properly maintained for peak performance and efficiency. 

However, the German car manufacturer does provide strong and sturdy vehicles, that time after time, prove to be reliable and can deal with the wear and tear of everyday life.

Saying that, depending on the model, some drivers have issues after reaching as little as 50k miles, whereas others can go over 200k with little maintenance. 

The C-class models, especially the C300, have been known to last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles before an engine rebuild is needed, but again this depends on how often service and maintenance are done. 

If the national average of miles per year is 15,000, then the car (at least on paper) will last anywhere between 10 and 13.5 years. Small issues can be easily fixed, as with any motor. 

There's expected to be rust, so that must be maintained. It doesn't matter if it's an E-Class, S-Class, C-Class, A-Class, or GL-Class. Rust will begin to form in all parts of your car as the miles increase. 

However, as long as the engine is cared for and not mistreated, your Mercedes should last a while.

What Is The Average Life Of A Mercedes-Benz?

How many miles are Mercedes-Benz cars good for?

Much like the average lifespan, this completely depends on the model and how it's treated. The varying generations that Mercedes have released offer different experiences depending on what the car is used for. 

The E-Class model is a particular Mercedes-Benz that can cope with mileage, with drivers documenting post-200k miles with the original engine and transmission. It's still one of the most favoured models from Mercedes due to its reliability and longevity. 

As with many luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz does offer a 4-year or 50,000-mile warranty, which will cover any unexpected errors or issues in this period, meaning a repair or replacement can be sorted. It's important to ensure your car is taken for a repair as soon as you notice an issue, and then this way, there's a greater chance of your car continuing on.

If you're looking for a period where you should be more cautious, then the most quoted number is 100,000 miles. 

This is where most customers report having issues, and this is worth inquiring about if you worry about your car. However, a small handful of issues can arise before then—the most common ones being Catalytic Converter Failure and Ignition Failure. 

Your Catalytic Converter can become faulty as soon as 60,000 miles, but this isn't guaranteed. This can translate to difficulty starting or poor fuel efficiency, and the converter can need replacing as soon as problems arise, but the quote will vary from model to model. 

Ignition Failure can lead to similar problems with the car starting, but can also trigger the check engine light, so once again, get this checked and replaced before it completely fails.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Mercedes Benz?

This all depends on how often you're willing to spend money for repairs and maintain the car at peak performance, two things that many drivers let slip as time passes. 

If you're an average driver, not performing extensive routes and journeys regularly, then it's predicted you will drive 10,000 - 15,000 miles a year. With this in mind, most people would quote a car as being halfway through its life at 100,000 if it's well-cared for.

Take the line of C-Class motors, which were opened on the market in 2011. The Mercedes C350 is a popular model, being a sporty version of the C-Class. It has a seven-speed transmission and a 3.5 litre V6 268 horsepower engine, which is more than enough for most drivers. 

One of the main selling points was the C350s ability to have a 0-60mph in six seconds. It's armed with features that alert the driver when a fault arises, such as a tire pressure monitoring system, notifying when the tires are low on air. 

Compared to older models, these simple systems help elongate the lifespan. With the roadside assistance cover of 4 years and regular care, the lifespan of a model such as the C350 could be way above 120,000 miles.

This figure can follow across to other models, and when the miles are translated back into an average number of years, your Mercedes can easily last 10 years or more.

Is Mercedes Reliable?

The answer to this question isn't that simple. There are many factors to consider, but of course, you want to know if the car you're purchasing will be both safe and reliable because it's an extremely large investment. The Germans know what they're doing, and they can consistently make reliable Mercedes-Benz models for all variety of drivers. 

Every new release from Mercedes seems to grow and adapt from their previous model, showing how they learn and listen to their consumers. The cars can alert you when an issue arises, giving you enough time to get it to the repair shop, especially with that 50,000-mile insurance guarantee. 

This way, you can replace any part needed with ease. They can span more miles than most will perform in their car, especially in everyday life, and will definitely not let you down.

It's recommended that you routinely check your Mercedes and replace certain parts regularly, such as the spark plugs, for instance. 

A change after every 30,000 miles is recommended for this. The same goes for your tires, as it's recommended you rotate them every 3000 to 5000 miles, or at the very least every time you go for an oil change. With this little bit of care, you're able to drive many miles in your Mercedes.

What is the Most Reliable Mercedes Model?

The search for the most reliable Mercedes model can be daunting, especially when considering the options. Ultimately, it all comes down to the driving experience and your particular requirements. How often do you use the car? How far do you drive? Manual or Automatic?

Let's compare the most popular Mercedes models.

The 2008 E-Class

The 2008 E-Class is still an excellent choice, being a secure and safe model that controls well, despite being over 10 years old. It may not accelerate as quickly as its more modern counterparts, but being a Mercedes, it still proves impressive.

The only downside for an average driver is the storage space and backseat compartment, as it is more cramped than other models, so it may not be best in that sense.

2012 Mercedes SL

Finally, the 2012 Mercedes SL continues the line of elegant models. The supercharged V8 engine provides the car with excellent performance throughout all the journeys you'll be making.

Unlike the CLS, it can handle rougher roads, and you'll find yourself gliding over them. The handling is, again, exactly what you'd expect in a Mercedes.

Mercedes' 2015 GLK

Mercedes' 2015 GLK is a car that has a great sense of self, with its distinguished look. Owners of the GLK will appreciate the size of the vehicle, but this doesn't hold them back. It can still perform sleek U-turns, despite being bigger.

However, the especially uninterrupted view of the road through the front window is the main selling point. You can rely on this model during trickier weather, as the SUV has great handling and all-wheel drive.

The 2010 C-Class

The 2010 C-Class, as previously touched on, is a comfortable and dignified model. Unlike its previous E-Class, the front and back seating areas are spacious and can fit the whole family within.

In terms of reliability, especially when wear and tear come into play, the safety features like adaptive brakes will definitely help to keep your car performing well and to ensure you're not wearing out any components. These cars can learn and adapt with you throughout the miles.


CLS came out in 2011, and this sedan model is definitely not to be missed out on. It's incredibly smooth on motorways, and the surround-sound system can make longer journeys go by in a breeze.

The most common complaints, however, are that the owner can really feel the rougher roads, and the back compartment doesn't provide the most space, especially in the headroom department. Legroom has been reported to be excellent, though.

As with all of these models and the ones not discussed, it's all about how you as a driver handle and care for it. 

Mercedes can only provide so much reliability, but the cars themselves are good at learning and utilising their technology to warn you about any issues. 

The price per head for these models varies, but the support and reliability you receive make the investment worthwhile. Overall, Mercedes-Benz still provides incredible quality and reliable cars with high mileage.

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